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On the Titanic
Although most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms), third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.


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On Top of Spaghetti...don't lose your meatballs. 
Avoid “round” food, ones that roll around on the plate. Choose hamburgers over
hot dogs, niblets over corn on the cob and mashed over baked potatoes.
And always square off your meatballs.

Another, Did you know...

You know the weight of your passengers, and maybe the gear. What about the other stuff in the boat?

1 gallon of fresh water = 8.3 pounds
1 gallon of diesel fuel = 7.1 pounds
1 gallon of gasoline = 6.6 pounds


Picture  The Titanic had three huge propellers, two three bladed ones, measuring 23ft & 6in, weighing in at 38 tons of solid bronze metal. The center propeller was slightly smaller than her two sisters, the middle one came in at 16ft, & 6in, also weighing in at 17 tons of solid bronze metal.
Each of these propellers were driven by a separate engine, the two side propellers had a reciprocating, four cylinder, triple expansion, direct acting, inverted engines, creating 30,000 hp.
The center propeller was driven by a completely separate engine. The leftover steam from the reciprocating engines went to a third, low pressure, Parsons turbine engine, creating 16,000 hp. 

Boaters and anglers are more likely to recycle, carpool and donate money to environmental organizations than people who aren’t boaters and anglers.

Picture                              Boating
         like a
The pessimist complains about the wind;
      the optimist expects it to change;
         the realist adjusts the sails.
         - William Arthur Ward