Stainless Steel Propellers



When you come to us to repair your stainless steel propeller, we take it through an entire process that includes assessment, hammering out the bends to bring it back to factory spec, then it's off to the welding station to add weld where it may have thinned or lost some metal. After the welding, your prop is balanced, cleaned and polish. Looks like a brand new propeller!


Step 1: Assess the damaged propeller    Step 2: Hammer and straighten bends   Step3: Check to see correctness  


Step 4: Weld any crack or missing metal  Step 5: Balanced, Clean and Polish. Brand New!



Check out our Before and After photos


3 Blade $210.00
Bravo III $225.00 each
Volvo Duo $225.00 each
*Excessive damage subject to additional charge